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Dieuwke Hupkes

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Mailing address

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
Universiteit van Amsterdam
P.O. Box 94242

Visiting address

Room F2.26
Building F
Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam



Individual supervision

Currently, I am supervising:

Jan 2018 - now

Kris Korrel, Master Artificial Intelligence
From sequence to attention
Co-supervision with Elia Bruni and Germán Kruszewski

In the past, I have supervised:

Jan - Oct 2018

Jan - Aug 2018

Jan - Aug 2018

Jan -- July 2018

Jan - Aug 2018

Spring 2017

Sanne Bouwmeester, Master Artificial Intelligence
Analysing seq-to-seq models in goal-oriented dialogue: generalising to disfluencies
Co-supervision with Raquel Fernandez

Krsto Proroković, Master of Logic
Learning to decide a formal language: a recurrent neural network approach
Co-supervision with Elia Bruni and Germán Kruszewski

Anand Kumar Singh, Master Computational Intelligence
Pondering in artificial neural networks
Co-supervision with Elia Bruni and Germán Kruszewski

Ujjwal Sharma, Master Artificial Intelligence
Interpreting decision-making in interactive visual dialogue
Co-supervision with Elia Bruni

Rezka Aufar Leonandya, Master Artificial Intelligence
Learning to follow instructions
Co-supervision with Elia Bruni and Germán Kruszewski

Philip Bouman, Bachelor Artificial Intelligence Thesis
Modelling fonts with convolutional neural networks.
Co-supervision with Jelle Zuidema


I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses:

Oct-Dec 2017

Sept-Oct 2016

Feb-April 2016
Oct-Dec 2016

Oct-Dec 2015

Feb-Apr 2014
Feb-Apr 2015

Apr-Jun 2013
April-Jun 2012

Feb 2014
Feb 2013
Feb 2012

Feb-Jun 2013

Natural Language Processing 1 (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
This course aims at providing the student with the background that is needed for studying statistical models that are used in the field of Computational Linguistic, taught in the Master AI and the Master of Logic

Computational Semantics and Pragmatics (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Course on topics and methodologies of natural language semantics and pragmatics from an empirical point of view, taught in the Master AI and Master of Logic.

Evolution of Language and Music (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Bachelor's course on the main theories about the origins and evolution of language and music, including computational analysis on data relevant to this topic.

Foundations of Neural and Cognitive Modelling (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Master course on conceptual and technical foundations of the major modelling paradigms in brain and cognitive science.

Unsupervised Language Learning (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Obligatory course on techniques in Natural Language Processing for first year Master’s students in Artificial Intelligence in the language Track.

Automata and Formal Languages (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Course for first year undergraduate students in computer science. Introduction to the theory of formal languages and automata. Among included topics are finite state automata, push-down automata, regular and context free languages, Turing machines and computability.

Logic (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Introduction to logic for first years students of the bachelor Beta-gamma. Topics taught include standard classical logic, logical transcription of information and elementary methods for testing validity.

Biomechanics (Vrije Universiteit)
Course on the principles of classical Newtonian mechanics applied to the human body for first years Bewegingswetenschappen students.